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Birth Process Workshop

Most of us don’t have any conscious recall about our birth. It’s simply an event that happened long ago. But if you’ve had children yourself, or if you’ve spent time with babies, you know how transformative the experience of birth can be.

Relationships shift and change; time morphs; unexpected challenges of all types arise; and profound awe can well up in our hearts unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Often, our personal habits can be understood better in light of the events that occurred just before, during, or just after our birth.

We may not remember our birth; but that does not mean that it is not continually influencing us still to this day. We begin a complex interaction with the “outside world” very early while in utero—touch begins at 3 weeks; hearing just after 5 months; at 6 months babies can see light; and the sense of movement is well developed by birth.

Our nervous system takes shape via these myriad interactions; the unique way in which we bond with our caretake(s) is already forming. A birth process workshop is designed to gently uncover the influence of the perinatal time that lives within us.

A predictable pattern might arise—often from a physical gesture, movement, or sensation, harking back to those early days. Or there is a heartfelt longing for something. The workshop takes place in a small group setting, offering ample opportunities for deep listening, presence and support. It gives each participant a turn to receive the full attention and support of all the other group members.

We meet over three to five days, depending on the number of participants (generally five to seven). The workshop is a chance to explore a particular aspect of your life where you feel limitation or a desire for more inner cohesiveness. Created by Raymond Castellino, DC, RCST®, and enhanced by Myrna Martin, the process workshop is a natural and safe process, and truly a way to come home to ourselves.

This was written by my colleague Julie Aha. Julie and I facilitate these workshops together.

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Birth Process Workshop - image  on
Birth Process Workshop - image  on
Birth Process Workshop - image  on

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