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About Julie Aha

Julie Aha, MA, LMT, RCST®, RYT, has taught yoga for over 13 years, emphasizing alignment, breathing, meditation skills, and deep relaxation. She has practiced massage therapy for nearly 20 years, to which she adds biodynamic craniosacral therapy and polarity therapy....

Birth Process Workshop

Birth Process Workshop Most of us don’t have any conscious recall about our birth. It’s simply an event that happened long ago. But if you’ve had children yourself, or if you’ve spent time with babies, you know how transformative the experience of birth can be....

About Angela

Angela Ferri, MA, LMT, ATMAT*, RCST*, PE I may see you on the C & O canal, as I go cycling there often…one of the things that keeps me happy and healthy. I enjoy organic gardening and the fruits of that labor, good food! The health of the environment is one...
About Julie Aha - image  on https://bodyandsoulhealingarts.com

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