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Care Specialties

Pain & Discomfort

Musculoskeletal and neurological pain

Headaches, Facial pain, mouth and tooth pain

Neck pain

Upper extremity: shoulders, arm, forearm, wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and finger pain.

Chest, abdominal, pelvic pain

Back pain including sciatica.

Lower extremity: hip, thigh, leg, ankle, foot.

Frozen shoulder

Tingling, numbness, burning, electric like sensations.

Internal pain which other physicians can’t treat or can’t figure out the cause.

Womens Abdominal & Pelvic Health

Fertility challenges

Organ prolapse

Difficult periods

 Painful periods

 Heavy bleeding



Digestive challenges

Scar tissue

Weight loss




Nervous system regulation

Abdominal surgeries

Subtle, intuitive work that most physical therapists and chiropractors are
not able to address.

Men’s Abdominal & Health

Fertility challenges


Erectile Dysfunction

Digestive Challenges

Post Surgical

Scar Tissue

 Trauma Recovery 

Head injury

Sports injuries

Twisted and sprained ankles, wrists,

Injuries of any kind

And more

Anxiety & Depression

Loss & Grieving



Care Specialties - image  on

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