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What is Pay from the Heart?

Most simply, Pay From The Heart means you check in with your heart and arrive at a payment that feels right to you.

I’ve seen people struggle with sliding scales and pay-what-you-want pricing, thinking they have to pay more than feels good, because they want to pay their “fair share.” But really: you can only give what you’ve been given.

I want you to feel great about our relationship – what you receive as a client, and what you give to sustain me and my business in my giving to you.

What other people charge

When I’ve researched similar offers, pricing was all over the place, and most fell somewhere between $75 and $260/per 1.5 hour session. Just in the context of these kinds of services, if you went somewhere else, that’s what you could expect to pay.

The gift here is that if less than $165 (my previous firm fee) is what feels right in your heart, and where your finances are, that’s great! As long as you feel good in your heart, I trust that.

On the other hand, if you are in a situation where you have more, and contributing more feels good to you, I’m happy to receive that support.

What is sustainable for my healing arts practice.

It’s important to me is that I am honest with you, and not pretending my practice, Body & Soul Healing Arts and I don’t have needs, because we do.

Our long-term edge-of-sustainable revenue (not necessarily very profitable), is $4,000 – $5000/month (29-32 clients at an average of $165/per session, some higher, some lower.) That pays for the administrative and technical support, creating insurance statements for clients, taxes, professional fees and insurance, as well as the cost of overhead, and paying myself as a practitioner for living expenses.

The challenge, as you probably see in your own budget, is balancing between profit and service. If my practice offers lower fees than what I am offering, listed to the right, then my practice is not sustainable, and can’t continue.

My commitment is to stay alive to that balance. If my practice profits from the increase significantly, then the financial resources received will be used to increase and improve the resources provided to you. Fair?

One Important Boundary: I’ve decided, from the heart, to set the minimum fee at $180 per 1.5 hour session. It is Pay From the Heart, and it has to agree with my heart as well as your own, and my heart just didn’t feel good lower than $180 per 1.5 hour session.

How it works

First, decide if you are going to join my practice. Feel the possibilities of what this kind of support would mean to you, your heart, and your health.

Second, take time to both think about the reality of your financial situation and to sense into your heart what number feels right.

Every 3 months, you can check in with yourself to change the amount, adjusting it upward or downward, or leave it as-is.​

Ready to jump in?

The first word, and the last, is love. It’s not easy to maintain a

connection to love and also stay grounded in what needs to happen in your life to have it flourish. In community we strive to integrate the engagement and work that life calls us to, with the spiritual reality of being present to Love in every moment.

If you’ve ever noticed how much easier it is to do spiritual practice in a group than it is on your own, then you know that the more of us together, supporting each other on this path, the easier it is for all of us.

I hope you’ll visit my practice. ~Angela

FEES - image  on https://bodyandsoulhealingarts.com

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