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The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

Alleviate internal pain which physicians can’t treat, nor figure out cause. Avoid surgeries & prescriptions.


The work we do together is very personal. During our time, you will likely share relevant life experiences that have shaped who you are. It is my intention to create a safe space to hold these tender stories. Men and women often feel that these sessions are a sacred gift to themselves.

The sessions will synthesize the Maya work with the subtle, profound touch of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy*. At times I work more physically with facia and muscle, and at others, perhaps moments later, I work more subtly. 

Vaginal Steams are recommended for many women’s reproductive health challenges. The steams are available to add on to treatment sessions. or as stand alone services.

You can find answers to many of the questions you may have by clicking here.


To receive the benefits of Maya Abdominal Therapy, a commitment of 4 to 10 sessions is necessary, depending on the extent of the challenges you face, to achieve desired results. I recommend 3 to 6 follow-up sessions as necessary support for achieving your desired outcome. Schedule here.


All fees are Pay From the Heart. (If you are coming from a distance you may wish to consider combining the first four sessions into one visit. This will require a deposit of $200 to reserve your appointment.

  1. In the first session we go over a comprehensive health intake form that is about ten pages long. This can be done in person or through Skype. Resources will be shared with you that are relevant to your health challenge(s). 1.5 hour session, $170 – $200.
  2. The second session requires that you come to my practice in Bethesda, Maryland to receive the treatment itself. If you are a menstruating woman, this will be scheduled during a time when you are not bleeding, nor 5 days before the expected onset of your next cycle. 1.5 hour session, $170 – $200.
  3. At our third session I will teach you how to do the abdominal work on yourself, which also required your presence at my office. This will give you a valuable tool to use to support your healing process now, and which can be used for any challenges you may face in future. 1 hour session, $115 – $145.
  4. In this session we will go over comprehensive recommendations to support your deepening and continued process of healing and regaining optimal health. This session can be scheduled through Skype or in person. 1 hour session, $115 – $145.
  5. This follow-up session is scheduled about a month out from your first treatment session. If you are a menstruating woman, this again will not be during your bleeding time, nor 5 days prior. The purpose is to assess progress, fine-tune treatment to orient to any shifts that have occurred up to this point and for you to receive a treatment. 1.5 hour session, $170 – $200.
  6. All follow-up appointments are 1.5 hour session, $170 – $200.

If Traveling from a Distance

If you wish to schedule a four hour appointment because you are coming from a distance, you can expect to have the intake at the beginning of the session take approximately 1.5 hours, table work (massage/bodywork) will take about 1.5 hours. The remainder of the time will consist of teaching you the abdominal self-care massage, and explaining other supportive therapies for your unique situation. Pay from the Heart four hour session fee is: $460 – $580.  Deposit of half the session fee is due upon scheduling a 3 or 4 hour session.

If you want to schedule a four hour session please remember:

  • If cancellation occurs prior to 15 days before your appointment, your deposit will be refunded, except for $50 administrative fee.

  • For cancellations made between14 days prior to your appointment, and before 48 hours prior to your appointment, you will be refunded all except $100 of your deposit.

  • If cancellation is made after 48 business hours (M-F) prior to your appointment, your deposit will will not be refunded.

This policy includes cancellations for any reason.

If you are a menstruating woman, sessions are scheduled between the time that your last menstrual bleeding ended, and five days prior to the next expected onset of your next cycle.

Women who are in fertility treatments schedule between the time your last menstrual bleeding ended and prior to ovulation.

Additional follow-up care is best scheduled after each menstrual cycle (if you are a menstruating woman). These sessions are 1.5 hours.  See below for more specific recommendations for treatment.

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I was told by my OB/GYN… that the pain during my monthly cycles was do to a tumor growth in my uterus, (which would send me to the hospital monthly for morphine, causing me to lose about 3-4 days of work on average), would never stop growing and would prevent me from having a healthy pregnancy, so I should get a hysterectomy. Well, at the early age of 34, you can imagine how devastated I was with the thought of never having children and losing my uterus. I researched several ‘alternative’ treatments.

          I began my sessions with Angela in February of 2005, by April I did not require hospital medication, nor did I miss any days off from work for my monthly cycle. I continued my monthly, sometimes bi-monthly visits with Angela until September 2006 at which point I became pregnant with my amazing daughter who was born in June of 2007. I returned to Angela… after having my daughter … I continue to remain ‘hospital free’, and my OB/GYN and specialist now say I don’t need a hysterectomy because the tumor has not progressed any further in growth … This is just a small part of what the massage time with Angela means to my family and me.

            We are truly thankful for her compassionate, caring and healing hands. You have the power to heal yourself from within, but sometimes you need someone else’s hands to guide you in the right direction.

Ashley T., Germantown, MD

My pap smear is NORMAL!!! Thanks for all your help, herbs and supplements. It worked.

S.B., Germantown, MD

Special Considerations


Ideally, it is recommended to refrain from trying to conceive for three months while you are following the Maya Abdominal Therapy protocol. This gives your womb time to build optimal health to support conception and carrying to term. It is best to receive this work prior to receiving IUI or IVF treatments. Who knows? You may be able to conceive without these interventions! Please note that I do not schedule same day appointments.
Please read this article on what to expect.

Assited Reproductive Technologies

Women who are in fertility treatments will schedule between the time your last menstrual bleeding ended and prior to ovulation. Please note that I do not schedule same day appointments.

Post Surgical Adhesions/Scar Tissue

Maya Abdominal Therapy (AMAT) softens adhesions (scar tissue) from surgeries or traumas to the pelvic and abdominal area, improving blood flow to the pelvic organs as well as the uterine lining, and often alleviates painful menstruation, aids digestion, and helps resolve urinary incontinence or other bladder issues that may have developed because of these adhesions. Often there is immediate improvement!

Uterine Prolapse/Cystocele/Rectocele

Maya Abdominal Therapy is helpful for stages 1-3 prolapse. If you have a stage 3 prolapse you will have to be especially committed to the protocol for optimal results. Experience shows that a commitment of 6 months focus on treatment is required.

Preconception Support

Supports health before conception, thereby improving pregnancy-related outcomes. Maya Abdominal Therapy and herbal preparations may help you balance and restore your moon cycles after use of birth control hormones or following a pregnancy by helping to regulate your periods and stimulating menstruation if you are not menstruating. It is part of an integrative healthcare model promoting healthier women, babies and families. Perinatal Education is offered, as well.


Endometriosis takes time to resolve. A six-month commitment to the process is recommended. The manual therapy is essential, and is combined with nutritional, herbal and supplement support.


Fibroids generally grow slowly. A six-month commitment to the process is recommended. The manual therapy of this work is essential; nutritional, herbal and supplemental therapies will be recommended. If your fibroids are 10cm or smaller this approach may be helpful for you.

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Contact Form

Please fill out and send me this form so that I know how to orient to our work together. A free 20 minute consultation to discuss any questions you have, and scheduling appointments can be done here.

I do not sell your contact information to other parties, nor do I inundate you with emails. I appreciate your trust.

  • Please share a brief description of the challenges you hope to resolve.
  • Please briefly share a little bit about your spiritual orientation & your comfort level using holistic therapies. This will help me orient to your needs.
    I promise not to inundate you with mail! I usually send out one or two newsletters a season.

I want to give you an update.  Today I went for a walk with the faja in place, for about 35 minutes of strenuous slogging through deep snow, up and down hills.  My uterus stayed in place!  This is huge.  Normally I would wear my pessary for such an activity, but I have a tampon in place, soaked in ashwaganda bala oil.  And besides, I wanted to see how the faja would do instead of the pessary.  This is the first time in many months that I have been able to take such a walk without my pessary in  place, and still feel no prolapse symptoms.  I have also been on my feet all morning prior to the walk, cleaning, cooking and baking.

M.C., Charlottesville, VA

Get Your Questions Answered

Schedule a free 20 minute session to explore any questions you have about
this work and how it may be
helpful for you.

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy - image  on
Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy - image  on

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